Introducing Evan

Now, in order to set the stage for my next post, I need to introduce you to someone. I figured before I start posting about date ideas or any stories that include this guy, I should probably give a brief introduction of who he is along with some photographic evidence in order to prove that I am not pulling a Manti Te’o. His name is Evan, and he is in fact real. I even included myself in the picture with him so you know that I’m not lying 🙂


Evan lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s an International Business major at Belmont University. We have been dating for a little over 2.5 years, and it’s safe to say that he’s my best friend. I want you to get a quick idea of what he’s like before you hear me post anything that involves him. Evan is very social. He’s one of those extroverts who just thrives when he’s around other people. We can’t go anywhere without him running into someone who he knows, and he is always excited to meet new people or learn more about anyone he already knows. My family likes to call him “Forrest Gump”, because he often has many random streaks of luck that are due to being in the right place at the right time. Evan is very intelligent and wise, which comes in handy not only when I need some help with understanding my homework, but also when I need to make a heavy life decision. Evan takes a lot of time investing in people. When he comes home, it’s not uncommon for him to take my younger sister out to coffee just to catch up and see how she’s doing. He is also big into gardening, and has a vast knowledge of plants and flowers. When he comes home from college, the first thing he does is check and see how his garden is doing. He also loves being active. He’s very productive, and enjoys rock climbing. frisbee, and just about any other sport. He’s also currently in a steady relationship with the TV show, “Breaking Bad”.

Well, now that you know the basics of Evan, you won’t be totally lost when I bring him up in my posts!


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