Falling for Flannel

Everyone loves flannel. Quite possibly one of the most versatile pieces in the closet, whether it’s from the thrift shop or J. Crew, chances are, if you ask someone to name their favorite staple pieces, a plaid shirt is going to be near the top of their list.

With autumn slowly tiptoeing away from us, and winter getting ready to make her appearance, plaid is perfect for both seasons, and reigns as a powerful tool in the fashion world for dressing up and dressing down just about any outfit.

Wondering how you can make the most of your flannel this Finter (hybrid of fall and winter…yes, I just made up a word)?

Here are my top picks for utilizing flannel:


Pretty in Plaid: Soften up the tomboy feel of your plaid by pairing it with a cute button-lined skirt and some tights. Since the plaid shirt itself is so conservative, it allows you to show a little bit of leg without looking like you’re begging for attention. Perfect for going out to lunch with the girls.


Cable-Knit Cutie: Add a pop of color to your favorite sweater. Allow the collar to peek out at the neckline, and pair with some jeans for a cute and relaxed look. The doubled up layers will keep you warm and give you a cute look without looking like you’re trying too hard.


Cozy and Casual: Planning on spending the day in the library cramming for that test? Throw a furry vest on with your plaid, and add a pair of jeans. The cozy vest will keep you comfy and warm, and it slightly tweaks the look, adding a little something extra to that cozy look that you want to create.


The Coffee Date: Want something that looks cute without saying, “I stared at my closet for half an hour before I picked out the perfect outfit for today.” Pairing your plaid with a colorful cardigan and a neutral scarf makes you look cute without saying that you were trying on countless outfits for the occasion. Perfect for a casual coffee date or class.


Denim Darling: If you’ve been dying to wear that new chambray, but the solid color just looks too plain with your leggings, rock your flannel underneath to add some visual intricacy to a basic outfit.


Waist-(k)not: If you want to wear something chill and casual, but you don’t want to look too basic and boring, tie the sleeves of your plaid in a loose knot around your waist. Its a great way to wear your leggings without looking like you’re trying to say, “Look at my butt.”


The laid-back little black dress: Take the casual flavor from the plaid and the formality of a little black dress, and fuse them together for a dressed-down dress, and a played up plaid. This is a great way to tone down one of your favorite solid-colored dresses if you want to wear it to class.


Skirting the issue: Sweeten up your plaid, and amp up it’s girly potential by pairing it with a plain black skirt and some tights.


Dress-shirt dressed down: Looking for a new way to soften the rigid formality of your favorite crisp white dress shirt? Throw your flannel on over your button up to create a look that holds it’s own from the couch to the classroom.


The Statement-piece showcase: Everyone has that one statement necklace that they rarely wear, because they don’t know how to wear it. Button your plaid to the top and fasten the statement necklace under the collar. The girly touch of the necklace is a simple way to make your flannel a little more feminine.


The Hipster Starter Kit: A knit hat and a simple side braid will keep you warm and cozy, and it’s a classic college kid look for those of us wanna-be hipsters who aren’t daring enough to rock the full-blown granola look. Image

Maxed out: Just because summer is over, it doesn’t mean that you need to ditch the maxi skirt! Take your maxi from beachy to leaf and latte ready by pairing it with your flannel. The plaid’s pattern brings to life to the basic black maxi and it’s an effortless way to stay comfortable without sacrificing your style.


The Sporting Event: If you’re on your way to your school’s basketball game, but you don’t want to change out of your flannel, throw on a bubble vest and a baseball cap. Put the cute in casual and add some spunk to sporty.


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