It’s the little things…

We’ve all heard the expression, “It’s the little things that count”, but have you ever taken the time to think it through? As someone who likes to pay attention to life’s little details, I completely agree with this statement. Have you ever noticed there are some people who bring you joy just being around, while others rub you the wrong way, and you just can’t put your finger on why? Here are some little ways you can become that person people gravitate towards. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I introduce you to Kelly’s little secrets to enjoying life a little bit more, and being a better person.


1) Notice the eye color of every person you interact with in the day (unless they’re wearing sunglasses; it’d be kind of weird to ask them to take them off)

2) Look over your shoulder every time you walk through a door. If someone is behind you, hold it open for them.

3) Say people’s names as you talk to them

4) Dress for success

5) Get to the gym

6) Stop to admire the sky

7) Tell people what they mean to you

8) Don’t interrupt others

9) Don’t say something about another person behind their back if you wouldn’t say it to their face

10) Find little reasons to write people a note

11) Compliment someone in front of the people they care about

12) Accept responsibility for your actions without shifting the blame

13) Don’t throw your friends under the bus, even if it makes you look better

14) Don’t start packing up your things while anyone is still speaking to your class (guest, classmate, professor)

15) When someone is opening up to you about something emotional, count four seconds in your head before responding to them (incase it leads them to another tangent; people often take pauses while they gather the courage to share something important)

16) Don’t play with your hair while others are talking to you

17) Put away your phone when you’re at a table with others

18) Throughout your day, jot down the things that make you happy

19) When you notice something special about someone, verbalize it

20) If someone cuts you off while driving, don’t try to get back at them

21) Use “I” statements instead of pointing the finger with “You” statements

22) If someone is rude to you, be even kinder to them; they might be having a bad day, and there’s no need to make it worse

23) Be patient with those who provide customer service

24) Tidy up your space

25) Take the time to invest in those much older or younger than you

26) Ask people questions about the things they are passionate about

27) Don’t treat social media like your diary

28) Talk about yourself less

29) Be on time

30) Keep your promises

31) Don’t change the plans you made with someone if something “better” comes up


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