Day 5 Blessings in the Busywork

Day four zoomed by faster than most. eightWest didn’t tape on this day, so I took to organizing. Now, I am not the most organized person, so this is sort of ironic. I sat down and sifted through a pile of discs, organizing them in their proper order (logically). These are the times when I am reminded that I will sometimes have to do busy work, but I was surprisingly okay with it. Sometimes I get restless when I have to sit still for too long, but I think there is something special about getting dressed up in the morning and walking into an office; it makes me feel professional, and increases my motivation to do everything to the best of my ability. After I sorted through the discs, I did some research for Maranda’s (Maranda is the host of Maranda Where you Live) 105 days of summer list. This list consists of fun things to do for each day of the summer, and each Tuesday Maranda goes to a local radio station, STAR105.7, and tells the hosts some of the fun events people in West Michigan can attend for the coming week if they are looking for something to do. Making this list meant researching all of the fun events that were happening in West Michigan. This was a day that gave me experience sitting at a desk and accomplishing tasks that contributed to the common good of the station, even if they weren’t necessarily fun or glamourous. I’m glad that I have days like this, because they give me an appreciation for all of the hard work that goes into making a show run smoothly, and if I can make anyone else’s job just a little bit easier by taking on some of their busy work, I am happy, because they are giving me so many opportunities to learn from them! To summarize what I learned from today:

1. Be helpful

2. You are never “above” busywork

3. Stay humble, stay positive, stay thankful



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