Day 6 Serenade Me

Remember how I spent my last day at the internship doing busywork and sorting through discs and papers? Well, let me tell you, today was a little bit more exciting. Throughout the summer, my sister and I have been trying to watch The Bachelorette together. We were particularly amused by one of the contestants….an opera singer. Now, I don’t know what it is, but my siblings and I have always collapsed into a fit of laughter whenever we hear opera music. I don’t know if it’s the resounding vibrato, or the over the top expressions, but we are simply incompetent with retaining our composure when the dramatic notes come drifting our way. So imagine my shock when I heard that I would be greeting and escorting the Opera Singer from the Bachelorette to eightWest. I called my sister to let her know, and she immediately advised me to grill him on his experience, namely the Boys to Men episode. After greeting Mr. Wisk and his publicist, I took them to the studio to film the show, and fetched his publicist some coffee. Now, I didn’t mention one slightly awkward part of my job. The WOODTV building is pretty easy to get turned around in (picture a dizzy mouse in a maze at times, and you’ll understand how I look as I go about my daily routine), so the interns are in charge of serving as tour guides whenever the guest needs to take an excursion to the bathroom. Now today, this meant trying to navigate the path to the bathrooms while hoping that I wouldn’t make a fool of myself (showcasing my blonde roots) in front of a specific opera singer. After I successfully (by some miracle) found the bathrooms, I was stuck in an awkward situation…do I wait and cross my fingers that he can find his way back, or do I wait awkwardly (and creepily) outside of the bathroom so I could help him find his way back? After a strenuous internal battle, I decided that it was better to potential lose my guest than to creep him out, so I awkwardly meandered back to the studio, looking over my shoulders multiples times as I second guessed my decision. Thankfully, God is gracious, and he found his way back (he can sing, and he can navigate. Not all of us are so fortunate). As I clung to every word of the interview as Mr. Wisk described his experience with Andi (Andi is just awesome, so I couldn’t wait to hear about her), I planned out what I would say in my head to my sister as soon as I was given the chance to text her again. Escorting Mr. Wisk and his publicist out, I was able to thank them for visiting, and compliment his vocal talents. As the day passed, I got to help Maranda with a shoot and watch Christine, my supervisor, create the next show’s rundown. I spent this time picking her brain, asking her what she enjoys the most about her job. This leads me to my summary of what I took away from this day

1. Take the time to compliment people on the things they do well (like Mr. Wisk and his singing)

2. Ask people questions about the things they are passionate about


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