Day 7 Park Party Plannin’

Today was a day that started off with a little extra time to sleep in, so I knew off the bat that it would be a great day! When I got to work, I had to navigate the building to find the newsroom (which was a struggle for a directionally challenged human such as myself) to grab the keys for a news vehicle. As I wandered aimlessly for a little while, I realized that I was going to have to go with Plan B: Ask for help. I wanted to appear competent to everyone else in the office, so I didn’t go to any of my coworkers. I found a guy who seemed friendly, and looked about Dad-age (which deems him as an approachable person, because people who have children are used to patiently dealing with incompetence and nonsense). He was a new employee, and he actually got lost while he was trying to give me directions, however, I got to chat with him later at lunchtime, and I learned about his kids and his family. This leads me to the first thing I learned today:

1. Never be afraid to ask questions, even if it makes you look kind incompetent

2. Take the time to get to know other people for more than what they do at work

The second point was magnified as I took the keys to the vehicle (once I finally found the newsroom) and set out for Muskegon with one of the women who works in the same office with me. Since this was a very long drive, I got to talk to her for an extended period of time, and I got to know her for what she was like outside of work. I had so much fun learning about the things that she likes to do, her children, and her life before WOODTV. Our time spent at the park–observing the area in which we would throw the first park party, and strategizing with the park management team–was brief, but I was very glad that I got to tag along. There’s so much more to people than what we see on the surface, and there is so much value to talking to a person—really talking to them—and getting to know their story.


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