Day 8

Last night I barely slept. Michigan (being Michigan) decided to shake the night with claps of thunder, flashes of lightning, and smattering rain. My poor dog was curled up on my bed half the night, and frantically pacing the other half, accidentally trampling me multiple times with his little paws.

I actually like rain and thunderstorms, so waking up to rain was fun for me, but it was the first time I almost pressed the snooze button on my alarm! Now, I have noticed that it is easy to go through the motions of daily life without really blooming to my fullest potential each day, so I asked Evan, my boyfriend, to help me out. Every morning, Evan texts me with a new challenge that I can work on to help me bloom throughout the day. These “Bloom Challenges” have proven to be extremely helpful.

Here are some examples:

Go out of your way to make two peoples’ days today

Give two people (older than the age of 12) a hi-five today

These bloom challenges have really pushed me to be intentional about everything that I do throughout the day. I decided that I wanted to go into my internship this morning and take it on full-force. I wanted everything that I did to be done with as much attention as i could manage to give it, and I wanted to pay attention to detail. I wanted to bloom at the internship, so I made every effort today to make that happen!

I started asking people outside of the office for help on projects, and making an effort to learn their stories. When guests came in, instead of politely guiding them and offering them coffee, I complimented them and joked with them. I did my best to make small talk in opportunities where I might normally stand pleasantly silent. It took a little effort (I struggle with feeling as if I am trying to be in the spotlight sometimes when I put myself out there), but it felt so great.

I had fun with my coworkers, and I got to hear kind words from guests. Words of affirmation are one of my love language, so when I was able to hear these words from multiple coworkers, it felt really good, and it encouraged me to keep going, even if I felt like I was stretching myself out of my comfort zone. Today I learned:

1. If you are waiting for a job from your supervisor, fill that time with offering a helping hand to the other people in the office

2. Make an effort to fill silence with humor or small talk; most people will be appreciative, not annoyed

3. Don’t be afraid to give something your full effort; don’t be too shy to shine. You will never bloom if you hide from the sunlight.

4. Make an effort to thank the people you are working with, and affirm them

5. If you want to learn how to do something, ask!


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