Day 9

Today was a special day.

Not only did I get to go on a shoot with Maranda, but I was also given the opportunity to shoot footage for the first time. I got to use one of the small cameras that the photographers call “Baby/Babycam”. The shoot took place at Byron Center High School, and I got to shoot some footage of student athletes doing their summer training. I had so much fun during the shoot, because I got to get really involved with the actual package, and I am so excited to see it when it airs.

After returning from the shoot, I attended a meeting (with all of the other interns) about Maranda’s Park Parties. Diane, the woman who basically runs the show(s) at Woodtv, came in and talked to us about the importance of getting in touch with the community during the park parties. She talked to us about character, hard work, and kindness. Diane even offered to let us come to see her in her office so she could give us some advice for the future.

I found this very helpful, kind, and exciting, so I got Diane’s business card, and I plan to set up a meeting with her. After the meeting, I went to lunch with two of the other interns: Jessica and Katie. We went to Freshii, a cute little place downtown that makes incredible wraps, soups, salads, burritos, and smoothies. I had an amazing Pangoa bowl (brown rice, cherry tomatoes, corn, spicy bbq sauce, etc.. I definitely want to make a trip back to Freshii soon! While we were eating at Freshii, I got the greatest surprise. My boyfriend, Evan, tapped me on the shoulder; it was his lunch break too, and we had randomly ended up at the same place at the same time! This was fantastic, because I got to introduce him to my new friends!

Today I gathered the following information from my internship:

1. Take advantage of every opportunity you are offered

2. Keep a positive attitude and a kind demeanor…people will notice

3. Resist any temptation to gossip with any coworkers


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