Day 10



Well today was one for the books.

Today was my “debut” on eightWest and Maranda, all thanks to an orange shirt. Today was a really good day. I got to impromptu model one of the orange shirts for Maranda’s Park Parties, which will be taking place tomorrow. I was doing some meager intern tasks, when all of the sudden, my supervisor asked me to put on one of the Park Party t-shirts and walk onto the screen. I had no idea this was coming, which was good, because I didn’t have the time to think about it or get nervous. It was fun being on the set during the shoot, and I was glad to have the opportunity.

My second appearance is also due to the orange shirt. Who would have thought that an unflattering color could brighten my day so much? A group of middle school students (who will be helping out at the park party tomorrow) came onto the set. During the shoot, I got to come onto the set and hand out t-shirts to each of the students. I loved seeing big smiles break across their faces and they grasped the soft orange shirt and brought it close to their faces.

The coolest part of my day HAD to be the tour Maranda took the middle schoolers on. Throughout the tour, Maranda stressed the importance of the a high school and college education. Maranda embraced every opportunity to explain a way that the students’ talents or interests could be used as a job. For example, Maranda asked if any of the kids enjoyed art, and then pointed at the small “ABC” logo in the bottom right corner of the screen, explaining, “Someone has to draw that and make it look good. If you love art, and you are good at it, this could be a job that you do one day! If you’re good at art, stick with your art; you can use it one day!” I thought it was so amazing to see the way Maranda was passionate about the education and vocation of each child.

As we passed the sports office, my dad called me in, and handed me a bag of Sochi Olympic pins from the winter games, telling me to distribute them to the kids. As the kids left the station, I got to explain the olympic pin trading tradition to the kids; their faces lit up as I handed them their pins, and each and every child smiled at me, thanking me. One girl, caressing her pin, said to me, in a kind voice, “Tell the sports guys that they are too sweet”. It might have been a small piece of metal to anyone else, but those kids treated it like a valuable souvenir; a badge of their visit to WOODTV. I know that I will be working alongside these kids tomorrow, and I am beyond excited to see them in their orange t-shirts.

Today I learned:

1. Go the extra mile to make someone feel special. Go ahead, make someone’s day!

2. Be thoughtful

3. Pay attention to detail



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