Day 12

I got to go on another shoot today!

This morning started out with a few different guests. I was the tour guide and greeter for a wine master, and after talking football for a second, I discovered that he played at the University of Illinois with Jesse Jackson and Dick Butkus! At the end of his segment, he left an assortment of different wines, so all of the employees were pretty excited about that (Since I’m only twenty, I just carried the box and got my arm workout in for the day).

Here was a quirky twist to my day: there was a VERY hipster musician (I’m talking suspenders with khaki pants, a mullet, and a full on mumford beard and a white button up with a deeeeep V) who was playing an instrument called a dobro. I had never heard of a dobro until a few hours ago, but this musician was very passionate about it. Once I brought him to the green room, I offered him water or coffee. He asked me for some water, and for a mug to pour his tea into. I joked, “I mean if you want to be a hipster, then I can put your tea in a mason jar!” I expected him to laugh it off, but he responded eagerly, “Oh! Do you?! That’d be great, thank you!” I attempted to wipe the shock from my face as I trotted up the stairs to retrieve a mason jar. I found a blue one, and he cheerful thanked me, “Oh thank you! I am definitely taking this home with me!” “You do you, hipster musician guy!” I thought in my head.

After the show wrapped, I got to come along on a shoot in Holland. We went to the Women’s Health Boutique, a cool shop that sells anything a woman would need after surviving the reeling pains of breast cancer. They had everything from comfortable clothing that would not irritate mastectomy scars, to wigs and bathing suits. I got to mic the guests and ask them a little bit about themselves. It was good practice to try using the microphones again; the more practice the better!

The best part about the trip was probably the conversation in the car. It was cool to learn a little bit more about the people I traveled with! Once I got back to the office, I worked on adding events to Maranda’s 105 days of summer list.

Today I learned:

1. If there is extra work that needs to be done, stay past your expected shift. It feels good to wrap up a project, and even better when you know you are helping others

2. Try to make connections


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