Day 13

Today was a busy one! I got to do my first networking when a woman who works for a few radio stations began to tell me about her job. She told me if I was interested in any internships to let her know, so I asked her for a card! As the day progressed, I got to work with a black lab named Jake who serves the occupation of “firedog”. My supervisor and the fire fighter talked about keeping children safe on the fourth as she cradled her little grandchild, Adam.

I got to take pictures of the shoot, and one of my dad’s coworkers who moved away came back and said hello! I was so excited and surprised to see him again, because he had always come over to our house to hang out with my siblings and me when we were little.

After work was over, I went over to a friend’s house, and the networking continued. One of my friend’s siblings is a wedding planner. After gushing about her wedding planning for a while, I joked, “Well, if you ever need interns…”, and to my surprise, she took me up on my offer! She said, “We always need interns!” I was so excited, and she told me to shoot her a message on Facebook if I wanted to contact her about an internship! EEEEEE!

So, without further ado, here is what I have learned today:


2. Appreciate the way that life can surprise you when you delight in it and embrace every opportunity


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