Day 19


There are some days where life surprises you: today was one of those days! 

My friend Holly recently declared her major as Strategic Communications, so she came in to shadow a day during eightWest. We had a blast hanging out together, and I loved having the opportunity to explain all of the things that were happening in order to make the show fit together. It was also just a great experience being able to have a friend come to the office! 

Maranda approached me after eightWest was taped, and asked me if I could make an internship video during the Park Party with another intern, Brad. I was so excited that I almost failed to contain my happy dancing (next time I’ll just bust out the moves, why not celebrate every little smile that life tosses my way?). 

To create a game plan for the movie, Brad, Holly, and I took a field trip lunch date to Herb Thai, a cute Thai place on Wealthy Street. I ordered the chicken and veggie lettuce wraps, and they were delicious! Each of us had a lot of fun eating out spicy meals and gulping down refreshing water as we planned out the video. The lunch date was definitely good food with good company and good conversation. We talked about the mystery of the future, and we discussed the way we relied on God as our peace in the confusion, and our tour guide in our busy, confusing, delightful lives. It was so cool to hear that other people are feeling the same way that I am about the future, and it was even cooler to listen to their faith and determination to follow Jesus and listen to his voice, no matter where he might lead. 

After our lunch date reached an end, I was able to write a web story about the park party. It felt good to be trusted with another responsibility. Holly and I were then able to escort guests for Maranda’s show. We speculated at how differently some of the guests treat us compared to the way they treat the hosts of the shows; sometimes it’s like someone flipped a switch! Holly and I  decided brush it off with laughter instead of taking it personally. 

Holly and I were also given the opportunity to observe what happens in the control room, where the producers have many monitors and buttons in front of them, and they observe the rundown as they talk into the hosts’ ears. It was cool to see a different side of the show that I hadn’t paid much attention to before! 

The day went by quickly, and Holly and I were able to schedule a date to shadow a reporter and broadcaster. We were both incredibly excited, and we cannot wait to hang out together soon! We are hoping to shadow one of the younger reporters who was recently hired, because then we can pick her brain about how she landed her job in such a difficult and competitive field. 

Now, without further ado, here’s what I learned today:

1. View the positives: Even though some of the guests on the show weren’t exactly friendly to us, but they were sugary kind in front of the host(s), Holly and I chose to laugh. We can’t change the way that someone treated us, but we were certainly able to control the way that we responded to it. 

2. Work hard: Because of the hard work that I have been doing, I have been gaining more trust, and therefore, I am enjoying my work more, and I am learning more. Even though it might take a while to build up this trust, it’s so important to establish it through a strong work ethic and a positive attitude, even if it means doing a list of tedious things to earn it. 



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