Day 22

There are some days that are just plain fun. 

Today would be one of those. 

Today a comedian, Bobcat, came in to the studio. I got to chat with Bobcat a little bit, and was pleasantly surprised that he remembered my name when he left the station. A lot of my coworkers were excitedly chattering about Bobcat, but since he was a little before my time, I wasn’t completely sure who he was. When I had to walk Bobcat out, I asked him if it ever gets old begin asked to pose for pictures all the time instead of being treated like a regular guy. Bobcat laughed and started to answer, “Oh it’s not too b…..well, you know what? I don’t have to lie to you; yeah, it gets old. Sometimes I just wanna do my laundry!” We laughed and he thanked me for walking him out. 

After the shoot rapped up, I talked style, food, and fitness with Amanda, the photojournalist. Amanda is a lot of fun, so I really enjoyed chatting with her while she taught me how to edit. 

Since today was a shorter day of work (a Friday), and I had a blind dog to go babysit, I got to head out early to go care for a sassy, sightless hound. 

Today made me appreciate the things that come along with enjoying my coworkers, and keeping an eye open for joyful moments that sparkle subtly throughout my work day! 


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