Day 23

Today was THE BEST. 

The best, I’m telling you…THE BEST. I had the most incredible time, and I am sure that you will understand. 

Sparkles. Fashion. Home decor. Modeling. Meeting new people. Conversation. 

I was in my element! 

Today I got to go to a boutique, Myrtle Mae’s Boutique, to be exact. 

The owner, Kathy, was one of the spunkiest, kindest, most friendly women that I have ever met. Kathy was so welcoming, and showed me a bunch of cool sculptures that decorate the outside of her shop, while taking me on a tour inside to look at an amazing brand that she carries, called, “Stop Staring.” 

I told her I loved the 40s and 50s feel that the brand gave off, because it reminded me of Mad Men. Kathy’s eyes lit up as she told me that she was the only store in Michigan to carry the brand, and even informed me that Kim Kardashian and Miranda Lambert wear the brand. Kathy insisted that I try on a few adorable numbers, and Amanda, the photojournalist, taped me parading up and down the store like a catwalk as I sported a gorgeous black number, then a beautiful red one. The dresses were knockouts! 

Amanda loves fashion too, and there was one dress that would look amazing on her, so I scooped up the camera, and learned how to shoot while Amanda modeled. The day could not have been any better !


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