Internship Thoughts

I have fallen behind on my internship journal, however, this doesn’t mean that I have stopped learning! I am in my last few weeks of my internship, and I am so happy with the way things have gone. 

I got to do some fantastic things over the past couple weeks. For one, I got to do my first stand up! No, I’m not talking comedy; I’m talking about standing in front of the camera and speaking. This was one of those things I have been wanting to do for a long time, but it still makes me nervous! 

I got to do my stand up while I was with eightWest at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum. Not only did I get to do my stand up, but I also got to use “Baby Cam”, our mini camera. It felt good to shoot material, and today I even saw some of my shots air on eightWest! The experience really feels real when I see my work on air; it felt really good! 

Believe it or not, this was not even the best part of my internship! Last week, Maranda gave me a special assignment. Maranda was putting together a college package for her show, and she sent me on a mission to shop for a few must have items for college students. 

I got to run to Meijer and purchase a few items, and the next day I was able to talk about why college students might need these commonly forgotten, out-of-the-box items. I will upload the links to this as soon as it airs (which is supposed to be tonight). 

During this trip to Ferris, I was able to develop my friendships with Maranda, Heather (Maranda’s producer), and Michael (Maranda’s cameraman). During our lunch at a Mexican restaurant, Maranda was asking me to give my insights on some people. She kept encouraging me to use my ability to read people, and that was very encouraging to see that someone noticed one of my strengths. 

The drive was so much fun, and I realized I really want a job that allows me to interact with people. I also know I do NOT want a desk job. I like getting out of the office and doing new things every day! 

Today I got to go out on a shoot with Leon Hendrix, a reporter at WOOD TV 8, and Joe Prince, one of the new camera men. I had a great talk with Joe, and I felt like I was able to gain some more insight toward what I want in my future and in a career. I loved being on the road, and it was really cool to be the first person to know what was going on. 

There was something so powerful about sitting in the home of a heartbroken family as they spoke about their loss in a murder, their frustration with a cold case, and their reopened wounds as the case was solved. The experience was very emotionally charged, and I though I feel terrible about the circumstances, I am glad I was there to watch the process unfold. 

I was amazed to see places and people I never would normally have gone, like the courthouse. I sat in on part of the trial of a man who may go to jail for life, and then sat in on an interview with the family of the victim. It was a strange feeling to hear the story from both sides, witness both emotions, and see a story put together out of the material. 

Today I learned: 

1. Take the time to make others feel valued

2. Ask for advice from every one around you

3. Listen carefully to the advice and insights of others

4. Listen for God’s voice throughout the day…if you ask him for answers to prayer, he will answer you; you just have to listen! 


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