My relationship with change is a complicated one. At times I embrace it, hopping up and down excitedly as I embark on new adventures and opportunities. At other times, I drag my feet, kicking and screaming inside my own mind, trying to maintain composure to the outside world.

College is a time that explodes with change; sometimes it picks me up and swirls me around like a paper thin leaf in a swift autumn breeze, leaving me dizzy and grasping for some form of control. Sometimes I am a kite, soaring on the change, and happily floating and dipping and twirling on the change that carries me to new places and heights.

As I stepped onto my college campus this summer, my joy was overflowing at the sight of beautiful, green, flourishing life all around me. Tall oak trees stood strong and sturdy with deep green leaves that sheltered me with their cool, comforting shade, even on the hottest of days. Brightly colored day lilies, painted like sunsets, stretched their delicate petals to the sunshine, like the arms of a child awakening from a satisfying nap.

At that moment, I looked around, breathing in the summer air’s fragrance of sweet flowers and the deep earthy smell of freshly mowed grass. I never want this to end. Summer, please stay. 

This morning, I clicked onto campus in my favorite brown leather boots. The soft autumn rain kissed my face as my senses were overwhelmed by the beauty of fall. A tapestry of soft peach, radiant red, cheerful yellow, and enchanting orange flooded my vision. I smiled to myself as acorns crackled beneath my boots. I locked eyes with a few representatives of Calvin’s overpopulated squirrel community, and I laughed as they scurried up and down tree trunks, elated by the crisp, colorful season.

At that moment, I looked around, breathing in the cool, cozy autumn air. I clicked the heels of my boots like Dorothy, wishing, silently, I never want this to end. Autumn, please stay. 

This realization struck me. As much as I enjoy every single season, whichever I am in becomes my favorite. The fresh feel of spring, the crisp fall, the brilliant summer, the magical winter; each has a place in my heart that polishes a special part of my soul that had fallen asleep during the other seasons. Each season awakes emotions, smells, sights, and experiences that had been laying dormant.

Every season is special, and so it is with life. Whether it’s staying up way too late watching Jimmy Fallon videos on creaky basement couches with my friends, or splashing through the salty ocean waves with my family during our Christmas vacations, I never want this to end. 


Then sometimes there is pain and discomfort. Some summers days are so hot I can’t think, and my hair becomes a worst enemy to the unforgiving humility. Sometimes it’s waking up early with shaking fingers and icy air to shovel a snowy driveway and scrape an icy windshield.

Sometimes it’s staring, emotionless, at a confusing assignment with my spoon 3 inches deep in a jar full of peanut butter. Sometimes it’s sweatpants and ponytails and tears, flashes of fragility. Sometimes it’s bad skin and hard tests, and missed deadlines. When will it end?

I believe that every season, every opportunity, every word, every day is blossoming with endless possibility. I believe that the days when I bite my nails to rigid stubs and eat too many donuts and fight with my sister are just as valuable as the days when I catch snowflakes on my tongue and sing Frozen songs on my snowy walks to class.

I believe that every moment is a teachable blessing, and every season brings possibility, perspective, and life, no matter how mysteriously it may be packaged. Change is at your door, and if you do not open it, chances are, it will invite itself in. I have learned that no matter how much my circumstances, thoughts, actions, or emotions may change, His faithfulness won’t.

In a world that may pick you up like a leaf or a kite, He is consistent.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


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