crowded, not busy

“To maintain peace in the world, first maintain peace inside of you. A restless mind can never generate beneficial ideas.”
Mehek Bassi

“I’m busy,” has to be one of my favorite excuses out there. Whether I want to put something off, or get out of something I probably should do, busyness has always been a pretty good fallback, because it’s one that people tend to respect without questioning.

However, if I’m honest with myself, I’m not actually busy—I’m crowded.

A lot of the time, I clog up my own days. From social media to Netflix, I somehow find a way to cram in all of the things I really want to make time for.

I am a fairly deep thinker, so I believe I crowd myself sometimes so I don’t need to process something on more than a surface level. If I can feel myself slipping into a bad mood, it takes a lot less brain power to turn up the volume on my Netflix than it does to break out journal and pen my thoughts into words. You could say that I’m looking for a “quick fix” to displace and procrastinate any feelings or ideas I feel too “busy” to deal with.

I have an array of go-to displacers; food, socializing, social media, exercise, Netflix. These are all things that can be great, but I think it’s important to clear some place in your day so you can clear some space in your heart. The more we space we clear for quality, productive life-giving activities, the more space we have for new growth.

In a world that is always moving, with so many different things demanding our attention, it has becoming increasingly important to slow down and clear space to gather our thoughts; we should clear space to be still, to be quiet, and to be without distraction. This is a time to de-clutter, and a recollect ourselves.

I am learning to be honest with myself and create a distinction between “crowded” and “busy.”


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