Happy Birthday, Jewels….you’re a gem!

Ever since I first saw her, I knew she was going to be special; it just took me a while to accept that.

Has anyone ever had that one girl in your class that just seems to have it all? You know, the girl who is ridiculously smart, has killer style, and of course, the perfect face.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on the jokes; I’m talking about the kind of girl who cracks the wittiest jokes in such a flippant, timely manner, and it’s just beyond applicable to the current situation. So you laugh in disbelief at her humor not knowing whether to fall victim to the overwhelming envy gnawing at your soul, or the sheer amusement you gain from experiencing her cunning comic abilities. And, like, how does she do it so casually? She’s so nonchalant about it, whereas, if you had been the one to come up with it, you’d be raising your hand, obnoxiously proclaiming, “Trademark, trademark alert! I came up with that, me!”


I’m sure you’ve met one of these girls.

I grew up with one of these girls: my little sister. She’s that sister that’s so effortlessly cool that she should probably be the older sister, so I find myself trying to steal from her hip vocabulary for my own personal benefits (“peasants,” “tragic,” “salty,” and “ratchet,” have been pretty big hits around my friends, but they don’t know I’m making a copy paste version of my sister’s every day vocabulary for my own comical gains….unless they are reading my blog right now, in which case, thanks for reading, but now you know I’m a phony #sorryboutit).


She’s that girl who I will actually make an exclusive drive home from college for (for dramatic purposes, disregard the fact that my school is only 2 miles away from home) in order to to receive a makeover when I have a significant social event that requires more than the swipe of tinted Chapstick I have become accustomed to (I mean, she knows how to contour, guys! Contour!).


But she’s not only cool and gorgeous and stuff….the girl is sharp. She’s the kind of person you don’t EVER want to get in an argument with (trust me), because she can just outsmart you and make you question why any of your previous points were valid, even if you had started the conversation with carefully planned notecards and a speech with supreme court status. She’s the kind of girl that knows how to solve just about any problem you can think of in the most efficient way you could imagine.


Basically, she’s the complete package, and it’s time for her to hear that, because today is her birthday.

Julie Anna Doles may be my little sister, but I look up to her. Without even realizing it, she teaches me a lot of lessons, and quite often, I wish I could kidnap her admirable qualities. Sometimes it takes a little bit of effort for me to allow feelings of jealousy to blossom into admiration. To any and all of the girls out there that live with a little sister that is just way cooler than them, don’t hide from their shine, but do your best to tilt the spotlight toward them so you can watch them sparkle.


Julie is only 17 today, but she has taught me more than any teacher or friend has ever taught me.

Julie speaks even when her voice is shaking.

She has shown me what it looks like to be brave.

Julie stands up for her beliefs, even if she stands by herself.

She has shown me what it looks like to be poised.

Julie surrenders her popularity before surrendering her sense of self.

She has shown me what it looks like to be genuine.

Julie is unapologetically herself.

She has shown me what it looks like to be confident.

Julie shows love to those who have wronged her.

She has shown me what it looks like to be forgiving. 


Julie has taught me that once you stop tripping over the pesky rug of jealousy, you can start to appreciate the positive qualities another person possesses. Jewels, you’re a gem, and I am so glad I have finally learned to love watching you sparkle. Happy Birthday, you salty peasant! I love you!

Ps, I promise today I will reserve the time to watch all 800 seconds of the snapchat videos you sent me


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Jewels….you’re a gem!

  1. Bilal says:

    Fantastic!!! What a great older sister! You two are cut from the same cloth. Great family. Kudos, to you and your sister Kelly.

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