An Open Letter to All “Nice Guys”

Dear Nice Guys,

Thank you for being you. In a society that glorifies the “Bad Boys”, the media hasn’t exactly worked in your favor; in fact, it’s done the opposite. Often, you have been painted as boring, weak, or even weird–but here’s a secret: your demographic is quite possibly my favorite.


Well, besides the fact that Stephen Curry and Chris Pratt are a part of your squad (you’re in good company), here are the reasons why Nice Guys are the real MVPs:

Because you beat the odds.

Because in a society that measures masculinity with status, money, sex, prestige, and dominance, you’re an anomaly.

Because, Nice Guys, when I’m around you, I feel safe, never threatened; like a person, not a pawn.

Because when you carry my books or hold the elevator door for me, you do it to be helpful, not to impress me.

Because when you ask about my interests, it’s out of curiosity, not strategy.

Because you respect my achievements rather than compete with them.

Because you know the difference between seeing someone and looking at them.

Because I can trust that when you give me your jacket, it’s because you care about my comfort more than your own.

Because when you are friend-zoned, you never accuse me of leading you on.

Because I can trust that you’ll answer my questions with honesty rather than telling me what I want to hear.

Because I know that when you ask me my name, you’ll remember it.

Nice is not synonymous with boringgentleness and strength are not mutually exclusive.

You aren’t boring; you’re rare, and that’s exciting.

You aren’t weak. You’re gentle, and that shows strength.

You aren’t weird, you’re different, and that’s extraordinary.

So thank you for being you–thank you for being nice.


Kelly M. Doles


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