Celebrating Jack: The Father’s Day Edition

296274_2025131749545_1643466808_nMy earliest memories consist of watching my dad’s broadcasts with my mom—waving at the TV & blowing kisses to the screen.

Growing up, I was blessed with a father who—despite a busy schedule—was always there for me, and taught me many valuable life lessons through his example.10430414_10204139676313765_8611881629955207391_n

When he sent me to preschool with crooked pigtails after attempting to do my hair in the style I requested, he taught me the importance of trying my best, even if the task isn’t one of my strong suits.941119_10151513671013380_752853653_n

When he came home for dinner & consistently set down his briefcase to catch me as I lunged into his arms, he taught me that work never comes before family, and the importance of being attentive to loved ones.

When my siblings and I fought, and he pulled me aside and calmly reminded me to “be the leader,” he taught me to be patient and peaceful even when it was tempting to fight back or have the last word.428596_2707422966399_707458187_n

When he never let me beat him in Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Sorry, Clue, Boggle, or Go Fish, he taught me to play fair & helped me develop my ability to lose graciously. 

When his sleeve pulled back a bit during a broadcast to reveal the friendship bracelet I had made him, he taught me display appreciation for any gift I was given, no matter how small. 

When he let me choose his tie before work, he taught me that my opinions were valued.

When I fell and skinned my knees (which is a lot, if you know me), and he told me that I was tough, and never smothered me or made a big deal out of a bruise or a cut, he taught me strength and independence.1521257_10202876035483534_7212614879946963367_n

When he put a significant amount of his paycheck toward a Christian education for his children, I learned that faith and family remain priorities, even if it requires financial sacrifice.

When he comes home at midnight after a long day of work, and relaxes with a frozen pizza and an episode of Jimmy Fallon, he teachings me to enjoy unwinding with simple, quiet moments before drifting off to sleep.1450910_10200860033204737_163495517_n

When he rolls up the sleeves of his dress shirt at every family gathering and does the dishes before anyone even notices, he teaches me the importance of serving others without seeking recognition.

When he weaves my “challenge word” of choice into his broadcasts, he teaches me that work can be fun, and gives me a reason to look forward to the 10 0‘clock news.

When he consistently treats my mom with kindness and respect, he teaches me that my siblings & I deserve significant others who do the same. IMG_8212

My dad has [both intentionally and unintentionally] led by example to teach his children an overwhelming amount of lessons, both big and small.

I learned that Coca Cola tastes best when I’m stealing sips from his glass.

I learned that no one makes better chocolate chip cookies, chili, iced tea, or lasagna.

I learned that holding the door open  for a stranger at the gas station can make their day.

I learned that reading a storybook doesn’t really count if each of the characters don’t have their own unique accent.

But most importantly, I learned what it looks like to teach selflessness, respect, hard work, sacrifice, humility, patience, & joy by treating each day like a classroom for growth.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad, and thank you for the life lessons.



One thought on “Celebrating Jack: The Father’s Day Edition

  1. Becki says:

    What beautiful words for your Dad to read….how special. The fact that you recognize all the “little things” too, is a testimony to the way your parents raised you! You are very blessed.

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